Eye Remember You From The Future

for the record   ...love letters from another space and time...


Yuanyang rice terraces, China.

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makings of you~ curtis mayfield

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pale blue eyes~ velvet underground

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paint it black (rolling stones cover)~ africa

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“أدمنت احزاني
فصرت اخاف ان لا احزنا
I got addicted to my sorrows,
Until I have gotten scared of not being sorrowed.

وطعنت آلافا من المرات
حتى صار يوجعني بان لا اطعنا
And I was stabbed thousands of times,
Until it felt painful not to be stabbed.

ولعنت في كل اللغات
حتى صار يقلقني بان لا العنا
And I was cursed in all the languages,
Until I started being nervous of not being cursed.

ولقد تشابهت كل البلاد
فلا ارى نفسي هناك، ولا ارى نفسي هنا
And all the countries seemed the same,
That I don’t see myself there, And I don’t see myself here.”

nizar qabbani
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where do you go to my lovely~ peter sarstedt

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ibeyi covering jay electronica's 'better in tune with the infinite'…

                  (and my heart skips a beat...)

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